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Say goodbye to manual candidate sourcing and hello to a steady flow of qualified talent. Our platform delivers curated batches of talented candidates, tailored to your specific needs.

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What does Fetcher do?

Talent Sourcing

With Fetcher, you no longer have to spend hours scouring databases and job boards for top talent. Our advanced AI technology and human expertise source high-quality candidate profiles that match your requirements.

Comprehensive Talent Pool - Find candidates for most roles, from Engineering to Marketing, and everything in between

Reach out to your top candidates with personalized and automated email campaigns. Our AI tracks responses and identifies the most interested prospects, helping you build valuable relationships with potential hires.

Candidate Engagement

Tailored Outreach - Customize your messages and schedule them with ease for effective candidate engagement

Sourcing Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your candidate sourcing efforts with our analytics dashboard. Monitor diversity metrics, email performance, and overall funnel performance to optimize your hiring strategy and identify areas for improvement.


VP of Talent, Engineering Industry

As a startup, employing a full-time Sourcer and Recruiter just seemed like a waste of money. Fetcher took care of that fabulously. Fetcher acts as our full-time Sourcer at a fraction of the cost. We get really good candidates and have an awesome response rate.

Automated Sourcing - Save time with our AI-powered sourcing and candidate matching technology

Diversity Metrics - Track gender and demographic estimates to achieve your diversity hiring goals

We source for the best recruiting teams worldwide

Unlimited Reach - Connect with as many candidates as you need, regardless of the size of your database

Email Performance Analytics - Monitor open, click, and interest rates to optimize your email campaigns

Recruiter Comparison - Compare the results of each outreach approach to see what works best for your org

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We help the best recruiting teams hire worldwide

Companies like Sugar CRM, gorgias, Deutsche Telekom, Bevi, docker, Magnite and more use Fetcher.

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